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Morgellons Creme by Claudia

Morgellons Creme by Claudia

$ 39.75 

Hello DREAM CREAM customer,
Congratulations on buying this new topical cream that feels good and that may bring debris to the surface of the skin from the deeper layers.
It works without pain or burning and without any toxic or negative ingredients.
The cream carries a very pleasant fragrance and it can be kept on all day or it can be washed off after  20-30 minutes. You then apply the deBriding soap (Nature's Gift Body Wash) after the morning or evening shower.
I will describe the 2 best ways we have found so far to apply and use DREAM CREAM.
Method #1) Apply the DREAM CREAM first thing in the morning, spread well and easily over your whole body. A little goes a long way. You can shower prior to application if you wish or you can just take one shower after the application process.
After application of the cream wait 20-30 minutes.
You may want to inspect your skin with a magnifying lens. This is when you might see debris which has come to the surface. You might see fibers or other objects.
  These things do not belong in the skin and have surfaced due to the action of the many wonderful essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients in this DREAM CREAM.
You now shower to wash everything off, and follow this with an application of Nature's Gift Body Wash.
Method #2) You apply the Cream as in the first method and then you leave the cream on for the whole day, taking your shower at night.
After the evening or night shower use the Debriding soap (Nature's Gift Body Wipe).
Nature's Gift Body Wash is available from Richard Kuhns, author of the book :" How to get your life back from Morgellons."] 
1) Apply Cream; wait, inspect, shower off, apply debriding Body Wipe. Enjoy your day.
2) Apply Cream and leave it on all day; Enjoy your day! Shower at night and then apply debriding Body Wipe. Have a great night....sleep well.
 You will feel refreshed and soothed...
We would love to have feedback as to how it has soothed and helped you and your skin.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.