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12 May '16

Why Our Customers LOVE our Quality and Prices

Why Our Customers LOVE our Quality and Prices

More and more we are gaining the respect and love of our Customers!!

Our Customers are SMART COOKIES in that they know their Oils, the see Quality when they find it!!

Combine Quality Therapeutic Grade Oils at Wholesale Prices you find a NO BRAINER!

We just don't sell a few oils here and there ..... we usually supply Customers with all their ESSENTIAL OILS <3

Here's a big reason why....

With an unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality of products, we firmly believe that Quality Assurance is of utmost importance. It is imperative that meticulous tests, documentation, and certifications are supplied for every product in our portfolio. Our facility is equipped with a laboratory using state-of-the-art gas chromatography to rigorously test the veracity of the purity and potency of our sourced oils. This ensures that you our valued customer are supplied with superior products at all times.
20 Aug '14

Cinnamon Really Works - feedback left by others

Worlds Famous Cinnamon is Beyond Anything You Can Imagine!!


Here are some of the responses from our Cinnamon Customers....

I have been treating Lyme, Bartonella, Brucella, and possibly Babesia for about 4 years now. I would constantly have to rotate my treatment protocols to keep my symptoms in check which can get very expensive. I bought this cinnamon oil and it is doing the job all by itself. I'm so excited.


For me it was cinnamon. Im healed. But that doesn't mean you're 100% back to your old self straight away. Some damage will takes years to heal especially if you go back to being acting like a wreckless teen like I have done since getting better and moving away haha and some symptoms may have developed around lyme not because of lyme. Instinct is everything. If you can afford tests, even simple ones like checking vitamin and mineral levels, do them I say!


 I thought I would update you on how I am doing.


*2013: My 18 year old son and I both had Lyme and coinfections, I also had Brucellosis. The CDC was who contacted me to tell me of this before the doctors could. All the markers were plus 3's & 4's on the test.

*Further back*
It was my 3rd time having Lyme. I grew up sick (now I know it was Lyme); got bit at 21 and was bedridden then told never to work or have kids...Rocephin and IV meds for 3 months...it was rough but survived each day making the best. In 2013 my son and I got bit in the woods in Massachusets. We were both bedridden, I had to have help walking, couldn't drive, hardly coherent sentences and couldn't cook or care for any of us. It was bad. Took 9 months for us to get diagnosed and actually 9 doctors. I did 6 weeks of abx for the brucellosis and was told we both would be going straight to IV meds for at least 2 years. Then I researched and found Sri Lankan Oil and figured what did I have to lose trying some kind of oil treatment and my son agreed. *thank you Susan for being such a strong advocate and putting yourself out there endlessly*

*We got off any and all abx and supplements. We started Juice Plus about a month after starting the oil. We did 1 pure drop a day on a peice of bread, for a week, not diluted drops. Then for the next at least 6-9 months we did 2 pure drops of it a day on a small peice of Dave's Killer Bread...we also ate clean; no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, no bad oils, no caffeine, no alcohol. We daily also took 3 doses of Juice Plus trio capsules (not the rest of their products though). So pretty much meat and vegies and little grains like quinoa, rice. We ate a lot of raw salads and a lot of fresh herbs of all kids, especially basil and cilantro and rosemary. We stayed on 2 drops after that at least 4 more months.

I never pulsed the oil. I never stopped because of the tremendous pain and sickness and fatigue. It was gut-wrenching and the hardest thing I've ever done and every single person in my family said it was making me more sick but I didn't quit. Not even once. Never quit on yourself. Noone is a better advocate than yourself. I know it's hard, trust me. I thought I wouldn't get better either but I was THAT terrified of the alternative, which was doctors telling me my son and I would be bedridden and on IV meds, cancer meds and all kinds of stuff for years. That is sick! No way I say! ?

Afternoons: We took Neem capsules, lemon water all day, unflouridated water.

Evenings: We took epsom salt baths, bentonite clay for detoxing.

*It took about a year to get almost all better. Now? I lift 100 pound bales of hay and feed 80 rescue horses 3 times a week. No kidding! And, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life! It took at least 6 months for my head to clear enough to say I didn't have high anxiety anymore. Painful joints and spots on my body were no longer. We still have to be careful with diet and I even lost weight. I have no arthritis pains AT ALL!

For some peculiar reason math became harder for me, lol, but who cares! My state of mind is happy most of the time and relaxed.

One thing that changed my life is during this time my mom and her friends helped me get into a car and seat me at a volunteer event where they give children tattoos and dress as animal costumes, like down syndrome society and children's hospital events. It was life changing because it meant feeling good giving and smiling at other people. They had no idea how horrible life was for me right then. It helped me with natural happy endorphins to smile at others and give and for a moment forget a little bit of the severe pain and fatigue.

I definitely encourage everyone to figure out a time to do something like this, only because It worked better than pain drugs. ? I hope the best for you all and I hope this helps someone.

*As for anyone who is a naysayer about doing pure drops, I got better. That's it, I dunno what to tell you. I know we're all different, but my son got better too. We are better. I hope this helps. I hope this is encouraging and I hope you see the passion I have now to stay healthy as possible and that I'm not being gimmicky or an 'I told you so' person. I truely care



My fathers wife has had an amazing results from cinnamon oil. But mostly to her rheuma... after 40 yrs of illness she have never felt better. Cinnamon takes her pain away and those rheuma lumps in her body are much smaller. Even her rheumatologist gave his blessings to use this product and they stopped some of those strong rheuma medicines. He couldn´t do anything else....After getting bitten by ticks many times and having headaches etc. (lyme test is positive) it helped her also. So what does what..I don´t now. But she is happy with cinnamon


How much time did you manage to be on cinnamon oil until you got this wondeful result?

115 days I started taking the Cinnamon back in March its taken me from then to now to detox the rest of the toxins

  • Congrats for the patience and determination!!! What you use for detox?
  • Thank you, well worth it :) Mainly milk thistle complex (with artichoke, dandilion, boldo and peppermint) sometimes activated charcoal but I used that more during eradication, FIR Sauna, Epsom salt baths, Ginger powder baths, and a couple of times a magnetic foot s
  • I did nothing for Lyme whatoever I had no idea! Think the bacteria must have gone into cysts cos for 3 years I lost all my symptoms except for the tonsil and a few aches and pains. As soon as I realized I had chronic Lyme this time last year I went searching for a protocol. I had a faith in it from the start that I can't explain
    So I thought I best check in before you all start to think something baaad has happened to me. Quite the opposite grin emoticon. I've just been away to summer camp for two weeks, working in the kitchens all day, sleeping in tent with 4 others, early mornings, late nights, 16 hour days every day, very wet weather, biting bugs, a hundred snotty kids, ticks, a diet consisting of allllll the bad stuff and wine at night. No detoxing aside from a week of milk thistle drops to get r...id of some toxic pain, charcoal for general health and b12, pepzinGi and DGL licorice for my damaged tummy. If I had attempted this before cinnamon I would have killed myself lol. I have had the best two weeks since my chronic lyme surfaced last October with a only a few twitchy muscles, some tiredness, sore throat from the damp early morning and sugar, mild headache one day and some achiness. At my worst I had depression, anxiety, very easily tingling hands feet and legs, numb toes when walking/exercising, twitching all over and all day, vibrating in my feet and legs, pains everywhere and anywhere, IBS, pain so bad in one shoulder I couldn't lift it above my head, swollen neck, red eyes, headaches, tinnitus, hives, itchy skin all over, rashes, horrible pressure in my head, heavy eyelids, IC, FATIGUE, slow healing wounds, brittle nails, its goes onnn. Basically I'm saying DON'T GIVE UP and STAY POSITIVE, one of the only reasons I think I've managed to do this is because I've always been such a laid back positive person with much much faith. I've taken myself off the millions of supplements and slowly crawled my way out of 'fighting lyme mode'. The past two weeks I've barely thought about lyme, and I plan to keep it that way now, for me at least.
    Still here to help of course smile emoticon For those of you who don't know what I did, I did 115 days of diluted drops, 2-3 once a day (for around a month I took an entire dropperfull of oil then realised it wasn't working the same and went back to 2-3) along with a cocktail of vits/mins. After the cinnamon I bought a FIR sauna for detoxing (brilliant) took systemic enzymes for a few months (wouldn't recommend for a very toxic body), balanced my thyroid with essential oils (clove, peppermint, myrrh, frankincense) which brought back and regulated my peroids and completely got rid of PMS and cramps, treated my adrenals with essential oils (nutmeg,clove,rosemary) and Himalayan salt, did a few enemas and started green smoothies. I went to Google for everything. I have very little knowledge myself. Wow, there's so much I can still say but to be honest I'm sick of thinking it over and I want to forget it ha. I wish everyone the best of luck and will be praying. Every one is different, mind and body. Essential oils are perfect when used right. Trust your instincts, do not blindly follow the crowd, you'll hurt yourself.
  • GREAT oil!! I use this as part of my Lyme protocol ....I LOVE this oil!!


    Very effective! Recommended to all my friends!


    About our Frankincense....This is a high quality oil from the heart of the plant, it definately has helped with my immune system and swelling, since I have severe facet's disease and osteoporosis and lupus, but, the pain has not been helped enough, but, I highly recommend each person try it for at least the other diseases, maybe more of it will help others! Great product, great price! 


    perfect delivery, quick and clean ;)
    we use this since we received it...all our the family...improvements are already noticeable! thank you!!


    This stuff is POTENT! Fantastic!


    LOVE it, I already need more!


    Fast shipping and great quality


    This is an excellent treatment for Lyme disease!!